MORE THAN HOMELESS is a PhotoVoice project by young people in Connecticut who have experienced homelessness

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Why PhotoVoice?

PhotoVoice is a qualitative research method that makes use of photography and storytelling. We used PhotoVoice as a way to document and share our experiences with policymakers, organizations, and our communities.

Why do this project?

We hope to ignite a more candid conversation about the issues that young people face every day in their efforts to overcome their situations and achieve their dreams. Our photos spotlight a range of issues that affect the lives of young people like us who are experiencing homelessness in Connecticut, including the struggles that LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) young people face. Our stories offer valuable feedback to decision-makers about the realities of what is helping and what is making it more difficult for young people to have a safe, stable place to live and opportunities to reach their full potential.